Step 3: Choose your pool finish.
Pebble Pool Finishes

Regular Pebble & Mini Pebble Available
Water Colors May Vary
Aqua Blue Aqua Cool
Aqua White Black
Caribbean Blue French Gray
Irish Mist Jade
Mauve Midnight Blue
Salt & Pepper Sand
Tahoe Blue Tropics Blue
Pool Design Center: Follow the steps below to design you pool's coping, tile, and finish.
Once you're done send us a request and we'll send you a quote.

Step1: Choose your Coping.
Bullnose Paver Selection
Sandstone Cream White 1/4 Buff Terracotta
Coral Peach Red Buff Gray #4
Charcoal E8 Camel

Step 2: Choose your Tile
LuvTile: Upgraded
Luv Crazed Earthview Mosaic Earthview Baroque Luv Krystal Old Style Luv Quilts
Rustic Rope Syprus

LuvTile: Mosaic
Autumn Leaves Aqua Pillow Arrowhead Baroque The Big
Double Dolphin Luv Rocks
Luv Palm Luv Slate Luve Stone Fossils Luv Wheel Nautilus Pebble
Roman Roamn Stone Luv Star Tumble Glossy Tumbled The Tumble Collection Twill
Wheelstone Windmill

LuvTile: 2x2 Porcelain

LuvTile: 1x1 Porcelain
LBM 7777 Mix LMB-5555 Blue Brown LMX-2222 Rust Ivory LMX-3333 Blue Brown LMX-4444 Cobalt LMX-8888 Mix TUU-1111 Ivory
TUU-1121 Rust TUU-1131 Brown TUU-1161 Aqua Green TUU-1164 Sahara TUU-1174 Stone Blue TUU-1181 Coal

LuvTile: 1x1 Glass
GCB-71 Mix GCB-81 Mix GCB-41 Mix GCB-31 Mix GC-331 Monaco CG-311 Bermuda GC-301 Copacababa
GC-291 Marinque GC-281 Tahiti GC-251 Amazonia GC-241 Barbados GC-221 Anguilla GC-191 Durango GC-181 Cancun

Step 4: Choose your pool deck paver.
Write down your selection and give us a call.

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